Reviewing Cosmetic Treatments For Vein Health

Women and men may develop varicose veins due to occupational factors. These factors could include sitting or standing for long periods of time. Pressure is applied to the legs during these lengthy periods of time. This could affect circulation in the legs. A lack of proper circulation causes the veins to bulge and protrude underneath the skin. A cosmetic surgeon could help these patients eliminate the bulging veins and improve circulation in their legs.

Chemical Sclerotherapy Treatments

Sclerotherapy treatments involve injections directly into the affected vein. The chemical causes the vein to collapse and close off. It causes scar tissue to develop inside the vein. As scar tissue develops, the vein becomes less noticeable. The patient may need more than one treatment to eliminate the vein completely. The doctor may schedule the additional treatments at least four weeks apart. This allows proper healing of the vein between procedures.


Laser Vein Treatment

The laser vein treatment involves the insertion of a small device into the value. The tool is heated as it enters the vein. The doctor uses an ultrasound device to guide their progress through the vein. They also use the heat to close off the vein and use radio frequencies to close off the vein entirely.

How is Endovenous Laser Treatment Performed?

The clinician uses heated lasers to close off the vein. The clinician creates tiny incisions near the vein to allow the device to enter the skin. They heat up the device to cause the vein to collapse. The vein is closed at each end. Clinicians use numbing agents to prevent any discomfort during the procedure.

What is Stab Avulsion Treatment?

The stab avulsion treatment allows the doctor to cut the vein into sections. They use tiny incisions to access the vein. The doctor begins to remove the vein through these tiny openings in the skin. Once the vein is removed, the doctor closes off the vein with sutures.

What is Saphenectomy?

This process is similar to vein stripping. The clinician begins at the groin and dissects the vein. They strip the vein into portions that are safer for the patient. They use a stripping instrument that is similar to a hook to pull the vein free. The incisions are closed completely.

Women and men who have developed varicose veins treatments need clear solutions for the removal of these veins. These solutions could equate to simple injections or complex surgeries. Patients who are ready to undergo this procedure should schedule an appointment today.

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